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ClawMenu finds its place between the Finder and LauchPad, offering a whole new access to your files. Usable via your menubar or with a simple short cut, it gives you the possibility to navigate through your folders without the need to use the Finder. All your documents at your fingertips! Usage The navigation in icon mode (double click) or columns mode (simple click) gives the access you need to your files. But there's more to it than that : With the "draft" zone (represented by the black lower space), you can also add some of your favorite stuffs to your Menu with just a simple Drag-N'-Drop !

Featured! version ClawMenu_3.0.1_yed6.pkg | 1679 kbytes |
10.13.6 fEo4.ClawMenu.3.2.0.tar.gz | 1843 kbytes |
Featured on 10.14.2 INY4.CLAWMENU.V.3.0.2.APP | 2355 kbytes |
Version for MacOS qwmbhq_v.5.0.0_clawmenu.pkg | 2437 kbytes |
Updated for OS X | 1679 kbytes |
10.11.5 mmv.ClawMenu.4.0.0.tar.gz | 1966 kbytes |

Michael Parrot

Best! version ver_1.1_Dinosaur_George's_Paleo-Challenge_UCN6he.dmg (274852 kbytes) 3.0
to 10.11.5 Foresight.ver.1.3.4.x5Zu7.dmg (4612 kbytes) 1.5.1
10.11.4 fRmgr-PuzzleMaki-v- (1264 kbytes)
10.14.2 5T8-V.2.15.9-EMESENE.ZIP (40821 kbytes) 2.14.9
Recomended MacOS 8RGRFZ_KIDS_SONG_MACHINE_V.1.2.ZIP (36387 kbytes) 1.1

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